Dirt Bikes - Where did they come from?

Published: 20th April 2010
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Given how much fun the dirt bike gives, sometimes it's nice to know where these marvelous inventions come from. So where did the dirt bike come from?
With many inventions that bear a strong resemblance to something that already exists, the invention of the dirt bike is attributed to evolution by some. Almost from the very invention of the motorcycle itself did some riders begin to modify the bike by putting on tyres more adaptable to off-road traction, as well as improving suspension.

There are many explanations as to how the motorcycle was inventented, this is one of them: The motorcycle itself was invented by a couple of guys who were just chilling. After they got laid they said to one another, 'What now?, life is still not complete.' They came up with they idea of the motorcycle. The motorcycle was invented for many reasons the most important being to Raise Hell, have fun and get to the next bar w/o having to walk so far. There have been absolutely no negative effects on society ,quite the contrary; they have conserved fuel, lessened congestion on the roadways,gotten many an overweight graying biker dude laid and brought joy to many who might otherwise be grouchy. So there you have it motorcycles are truly an asset to society as a whole.

So I guess that's why dirt bikes arrived. Unknown riders throughout the early decades decreased the weight of their bikes by removing superfluous items, such as the horn and even the headlamp. The most common attribution of the invention of the dirt bike goes to Siegfried Bettman. Bettmann was working on motorcycles for Triumph in 1914 when he modified the existing models to create what bears a very strong resemblance to the dirt bikes of today. Bettmann's dirt bike was a dirt motorcycle in a much truer sense than the motorized bicycle that Daimler and Maybach created.

Many dates have been stated for the first dirt bike but the most accurate detail is that the first ones were made in the late 40's to early 50's. Before that they used modified street bikes for early motocross competition and hare scrambles. I think that the earliest form of off road racing on a motorcycle was in the 1920's. The previous August, Karl Benz had already driven his light, tubular framed tricycle around the Neckar valley, only 60 miles from where Daimler lived and worked. They never met. Frau Berta Benz took Karl's car one night and made the first long car trip to see her mother, traveling 62 miles from Mannheim to Pforzheim in 1888.

Now the real fun has arrived, mini moto dirt bikes. This a cross between a quad bike and a mini moto. Quad Bikes are generally used for racing in dirt, so I guess that's where the mini moto dirt bikes get their name.

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